Who we are

MFGK Austria GmbH is a natural gas trading and sales company. It was founded by Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. (MFGK) in 2014 with the aim to add value to the portfolio of MFGK with its market access to liquid hubs and to offer product flexibility on different markets and market segments in Austria.

Our trade volume in 2015 reached 21, 86 TWh which increased to 27, 5 TWh in 2016.

We are ready to share our advantage based on our reliable natural gas sources and professional experience(s) gained over the past decades in Hungary with our business partners. We are seeking cooperation with trading companies, utilities and end users in Austria.

The Power behind Us

Founder of MFGK Austria GmbH is Magyar Földgázkereskedő Zrt. (MFGK- Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd.)

It is the largest natural gas trader of the Hungarian liberalized gas market. Based on its sales revenues the Company is one of the largest companies in Hungary. It is the most important partner of the Hungarian gas universal service providers and gas trading companies in serving households, small and middle-sized gas consumers and plays a significant role in the large-scale segment as partner of industrial customers, heat distribution companies, and industrial power plants.

Being a reliable supplier of energy and services, MFGKA’s activity is directly related to the long-term experience in the gas segment of its Founder’s in Hungary. MFGK Austria can take advantage of the synergies of MVM Group companies, and in addition can benefit from the expertise and practical experience of the in-house staff.

Our ultimate owner is Magyar Villamos Művek Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (MVM), an energy holding covering 57 affiliated companies.

The business of MVM covers the entire energy value chain in Hungary and with its affiliated Austrian and Slovak natural gas companies is becoming a player also in the region.

MVM Group’s activities include electricity generation, transmission, system operation, as well as electricity and gas trade. MVM is ready to export its knowledge, expertise, and innovative vision about energy to companies all around the world. Furthermore MVM Group provides services apart from the energy industry. There are professional companies within MVM Group – dealing with IT, telecommunications, financing and security – that are able to provide competitive services for international companies as well.

Through its stable operation it has been using its best efforts for decades to continuously provide electricity and natural gas at the most favorable prices via its trading subsidiaries, thereby guaranteeing security of supply and affordable energy prices in Hungary and the region.

Contact us: + 43 800 252 293