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When you use this website, your automatically accept the terms and conditions of usage, which are described in the regulations below. Therefore, you are kindly requested to carefully study the following.

Information on our servers

When entering the website, our servers will automatically register the user’s IP address, the type of operating systems and browser programs they use as well as some other information. The information registered will exclusively be used out of personal context. Information will only be used in an aggregate and processed form in order to repair possible failures in our service, to improve quality and for statistical purposes. In some cases, the IP address and the log file can be qualified as personal data.


Some of our services can place individual identification file, the so-called cookies on the computer of our users, about which you will get no specific information from the operator. Cookies only serve to facilitate the technical identification of users and the operation of personalised services. Cookies will not be used for any other purposes. Inhibiting the reception of cookies, the use of which is accurately described in the instructions of its browsing, will not prevent you from using our services.

Spamming, e-mails of promotion

With the exception of IP addresses, we are not collecting data (for instance e-mail addresses) suitable for individually accessing users. Unsolicited information will not be sent out. The possible personal data generated in the course of using the website, will not be connected with other data we have about a user.


On our website links to other websites can be found. The operator does not assume responsibility for the operation of these other websites.

Exclusion of liability

In line with the related legislative measures and in their framework, the service provider will exclude all liability that can arise to users in connection with the operation of the website.


News and information on the website can be used as allowed by the law and can be recalled for providing information. The rest of the content on the website is the intellectual product of the service provider, which is, therefore, prohibited to be reproduced, publicised, presented, disseminated or to be used for public or commercial purposes in any other way.