Our company is ready to offer tailor made products and professional services guaranteed by experienced professionals in the energy business.

MFGK Austria GmbH is providing safe and reliable supplies based on its sources in Austria and its diversified purchase strategy.

  • Standard products - flat deliveries up to 2 years delivery time;
  • Structured products – tailored to the consumption profile with standardization options
  • Full consumption profile coverage with our without balancing.
  • Any other product developed with the customer.
Pricing options:
  • Price fixing: both with fixed price and price formula up to two years,
  • Price indexation: indexed to CEGH, NCG or TTF up to two years with price fixing options;
  • Membership in our balance group;
  • Consumption profile optimization in order to have less energy costs;
  • Buy back option,
  • Flexibility in supply quantities to fixed price or price formula;
  • Contracting support.